The Importance of Networking

My first post ever was entitled Putting Yourself Out There.

In it, I talked about the whole reason I started blogging. As if the title isn’t straight-forward, I started blogging to try something i’ve never tried before, to not be afraid of being seen. And blogging was an excellent platform for that. I was always someone that wanted to blend-in, doing the best to not draw attention to myself. In time however, I became more reclusive and the vision for my future seemed like a wood drifting in the ocean. I had no direction because what I really wanted to do, were the things that made me stand out from the crowd.

Through lots of delving into self-help and personal development, I realized that the only way I was gonna achieve some sort of fulfillment was to learn to love myself. So I started with that. Things had begun to change for me for the better, and in time, I learned that to do what I wanted to do, was me loving and honoring myself. So I had to stand out from the crowd. Not for them, but for me. So the goal started from there.

Blogging became a spiritual practice, posting every Sundays about fashion (my personal passion) and a little bit of dealing with struggles in life. At first, it became hard to even share the work, but in time it grew easier. My goals were all one step at a time like just press publish! And, after a few months of blog posts, I’m up until today. Where I am ready to take another step forward.

What is next?

I have to first give a great shout out to Shameless Maya. Without having fallen upon her YouTube channel, I wouldn’t have understood the importance of networking and personal branding. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Shameless Maya with #BeShameless started a social experiment of shamelessly promoting herself. This was about five years ago. Fast forward through till today, her network has grown into a digital empire.

One of her videos talked about the importance of networking.

What new bloggers usually fail to do is network their blogs. My personal addage as to why I never networked my blog posts was because I was still quite shy. But deep down, I was actually wanting people to read it. Part also, I want to eventually monetize my blog through my passion. In her video she talks about how there are alot of people with the skills, that don’t get as far in turning it into a business, because they don’t network themselves.

It sounds quite narcissistic to have to promote yourself. But I’ve come to learn that to create something of value and not share it, is quite selfish, even more narcissistic in fact. When we choose to stand out from the crowd through these platforms, a part of us not only wants to be seen and heard, but we also want to help another as well through our unique skills, experiences and talents. Also, on top of that, we better our craft, by receiving feedback from the community. By putting it into this perspective, I’ve come to appreciate the power of networking.

The Network Challenge

So what’s next for me? To also shamelessly network myself. I guess this is also my personal social media challenge, which you reader, will get to see.

The Networking Challenge: To shamelessly promote myself through social media for a year through these ways:

  1. Twitter: Post once a week @ellakloinspired
  2. Instagram: Post once a week @ellaklo
  3. Blog: Post once a week
  4. Facebook: Post once a week
  5. *Youtube: Post at best once a week.

I’m still debating whether I want to start a *YouTube channel but this is it thus far. I’ll be dealing more with providing fashion and beauty content. But I also want people to get to know a little about me as well, so you’ll occasionally be seeing posts on that.

Blogging these past couple months have really opened my eyes to a better me and I know that it will only continue to grow me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope one day it will give you inspiration to #BeShameless.

With Love,

Any ways you fashion bloggers network your content? I would love to know your tips in the comments below!




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