The Hawaii Bridal Expo- 4 Wedding Dresses

So wedding season is during this time I’m assuming? lol. Anyways, this past weekend I had the privilege of modeling for our Hawaii Bridal Expo. Yes, I am a model on the side as well. And it was an awesome experience!

For one, I don’t plan to get married anytime soon, maybe ever? So I never thought I would be in a wedding dress. But when money calls, Gabriella walks. Literally. I modeled four different wedding dresses, and to say I was living the fairytale is an understatement. Cause I was feelin myself! Some of the dresses were amazing.

Of course, I’ll let you be the judge. Maybe take some ideas for your wedding.

For those who are looking to know, the four dresses are from these vendors:

Check them out! And no this is not sponsored.

Ahh I love love, but maybe I love fashion just a little more.

Congratulations to you on your wedding day. Check these out

1. Irene’s Red Label

Talk about so chic and sophisticated. I love long trains and I am thankful for my height  (5’11) to be able to pull them off. What I love about this is the elegance of the dress. It makes a statement without being over the top. And what I love about this more, is the back. Specifically in the length of the scarf. Just like the front, it adds a subtle statement.  Done up with a different color, it could totally be worn to the Oscars.

2. Irene’s Red Label

I personally have broad shoulders so when it comes to anything that wear, I like to cover the shoulders as much as possible. The only thing I would have done with this dress, is to bring more of a silhouette to my bottom half. I look square. However this was one that a customer ended up buying. And it did look alot better in person. The detailing is exquisite, which is how the customer ended up choosing it.

3. Irene’s Red Label

To start I really have a boxy bottom half, so I have to take all the illusions I can get!  This dress is what got me wanting to do waist training. There is, what it seems like to be, a corset embedded into the dress. So it really gave that tiny waist hourglass shape. And that’s what I really loved about it, that feeling of tightness.  More importantly, I liked it cause it looked really traditional. Had I been a bride, I think I would have chosen this dress. I really liked its simplicity.

4. Saison Des Watabe

This one besides the first, is an absolute showstopper. I ended up being featured on the companies instagram! You know that moment when the bride is in the fitting room and finding that perfect dress. Puts this one on, steps out for everyone to see, and everyone’s jaw drops? Yeah that’s exactly what happened. During the fitting for the show, the workers all stopped to admire it.

I could picture my mom saying “oh my god, that’s my daughter”.

This is that fairytale dress. The detailing was so impeccable, from the top through to the bottom. My hips were surrounded in a beautiful Swarovski crystal band. I wish I had more pics to show, but this is just a glimpse.

Hope You Enjoyed!

Stay beautiful my loves, and hope this inspired you.

Till then, love you, be you, be true, and I will see you next time.


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