The Amazing Experience of Underwater Photography

I decided to be bolder, and embrace my inner Ariel this week. I can never stress enough just how much my life has changed since starting a Blog and Youtube channel. I’m alot more present, and more open to things that I was once scared to do.

This past Saturday I got to work with an amazing underwater photographer whom I shot with before. I will link his instagram here. Below are some examples of his work.

IG: @Beppuphoto

Images Courtesy: IG @beppuphoto

His work is amazing! And this is just a part of what he has to offer.

We had to get up really early and head over to Makua Beach in Waianae. Being someone born and raised in Hawaii, I will admit that I never went to this beach before! And was it an experience. I got to hear dolphins, and just enjoy the comfort of the water itself. Which was beautiful weather.

Was It Hard?

Hell yeah it was hard! I had to do a pre-watch ANTM where the models had to do an underwater photoshoot. When I saw it I was like hell yeah this is easy. But when you get in there, you have to conserve your energy as much as you can because it is tiring. I got a good workout. We shot for two-hours!

The water gets up your nose, and because its been a while since I did deep swimming. It took about an hour before I was able to hold my breath longer to get into the pose. Also to be able to remove my buoyancy so that I could sink deeper was a challenge.

Luckily being born in paradise, its just a skill I had to bring back up again from my beach days as a kid.

All in all, I felt pretty fearless, and elegant.

So, without further ado I want to share with you the results of the amazing shoot.


Life opens up when you do, and this was an amazing experience! What are ways you can be bolder? Let me know in the comments below!

Till then my beauties,


  1. That was a great read Gabriella and thanks for the link! You did an awesome job and definitely put in some work – and didn’t complain once 🙂 Let’s keep it going before Winter arrives…

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