Product Review: 100% Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Everyone needs a teeth whitener. Thing is, some of us are picky, we don’t like chemicals and additives that have a harsh taste. Yes that’s me.  Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feed, I noticed this teeth whitener using charcoal. As if it’s not catchy, totally being sarcastic, I decided to try it, and test it on camera with you all. 

Now it was actually quite good during the first impressions, but I knew that to get an accurate measurement it would have to stand the test of time. Something I also wanted to document for you folks. So, here you will see the progress of it all once a week in the span of a month. By then you can make a decision for yourself whether this product is worth buying or not. 

Here are some notes of the product that I did like:

  • Organic
  • Tasteless (big plus)
  • No chemicals and additives 
  • Only $7.99

I don’t have too much bad things on it yet, but the main thing people want to know is does it really work?

So here is the before and after (1 week):



one week
After 1 week

As you can see there are some results showing. Next week I’ll do my best to keep the lighting the same so it doesn’t distort the measurements. These are not filtered, just heavily cropped. But its enough to see some progress.

Next week I’ll be updating this post so you can see next week results. This post will be simultaneously updated with my normal scheduled posts to ensure that there is new content being pushed out.

Hope this helps with your decision making!

If you haven’t already I’ve linked the first impressions YouTube video below, which was quite fun to film. Feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Till then lovelies,

True Beauty begins the moment you decide to love yourself right now. So start!


Stay tuned for my next Youtube Video which will upload in a few days! I’d also love to hear your feedback on ideas on what next to do. Let me know in the comments below!

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