My Go-To Make Up Brushes

Besides fashion, make-up is also my form of authentic expression. With that being said, I’m excited to introduce my first beauty post! I’ll be featuring in this category, different reviews of products, whether skin care, teeth whitening, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, make-up tips, beauty DIY’s, you get the point, will fall into this category. I’ll also […]

10 Timeless Style Tips

Fashion is always changing. If you’re an avid Project Runway fan like myself the words: one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out ring true. What’s trendy today, can be tacky tomorrow. So how does one looking to stay in with the evolving fashions remain ahead of the game? Simple. Stick with styles that are timeless. […]

Minimal Wardrobe Basics

Hey Guys! I spent this whole week deciding on what to write about. I had broken my iphone, which is how I had been taking pictures of my outfits, even some of the pictures on this site in general. Side note for anyone thinking about starting a blog, I literally started from scratch, and am […]

It’s Spring Baby!

I’m so excited to introduce my first fashion post! And just in time for the spring solstice. In Hawaii, we don’t have any seasons so our spring is really “Spring” based on the time of the month. However, the temperature does change enough to feel the difference in seasons.  Enough to wear different fashions compatible […]