Why I started a YouTube Channel

Hello My Beauties!!

So this weeks post will be a run into my YouTube video (linked below). But I wanted to direct you folks here first because I want to share why I created this specific video, which for me was quite emotional to do.

The reason is because someone close to me is currently going through tough times and it’s hard for me because I don’t know what to do or what to say. All I know is that at the end of the day, only the person can make a conscious decision on there own to get better.

All I can do is just be there.

So when I decided to create this specific video, it came with the sense of not wanting to give advice, but wanting to be real.

You see, who I am now is a lot more happier than who I was years ago. But it only came after I had hit a mental rock bottom.

Besides my family and friends being there for me throughout the whole ordeal. What also saved me was YouTube and the people who shared themselves.

What these YouTubers at that time possibly didn’t realize, was that by them choosing to share themselves, gave me strength to know that not only is it ok to feel this way, but that I was not alone in that struggle.

It’s not about “positivity” to drive it away, but truly just sitting with the pain and allowing time, however long it takes, to pass. So I do owe a great deal of gratitude also to YouTubers for keeping my spirits up through that time.

When you watch a makeup guru or a fashion influencer or gamer or comedy, you aren’t just watching the art, you’re watching them too, and that has an impact.

And for me, years down the line up until today, I realized that my biggest motivator in why I decided to do this was because I wanted to share my light, in hopes that it could help someone just as much as it has helped me.

My only mission: Is to change one persons life for the better. Just one.

Youtube was my saving grace and I hope that this helps anyone out there reading this. That I may not know what you are going through, but I am here for you and that I will be here for you through your trying time.

With love and grace my beauties,


PS: Next week will be more uplifting, I promise!

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