Minimal Wardrobe Basics

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I spent this whole week deciding on what to write about. I had broken my iphone, which is how I had been taking pictures of my outfits, even some of the pictures on this site in general. Side note for anyone thinking about starting a blog, I literally started from scratch, and am actually learning to be resourceful. Something that blogging in general is teaching me. With that being said, my friend who took my photos will be graduating soon and leaving Hawaii, which is also a bummer. So i’m wondering, anybody out there that does fashion blogs, how did you folks take your fashion outfit photos? I’m thinking about just taking them myself. Let me know in the comments below.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Anyways, about a few weeks ago I had decluttered my closet wardrobe and really fell in love with living a minimal lifestyle. What it involves is really sticking with things that spark joy for you. When it comes to shopping for clothes, sometimes we impulse buy based strictly on our emotions. For myself, I used to care about the price of a luxury attire, than about if I’d actually wear the item. My mindset at the time was just to prove how wealthy I was to be able to afford the items and flash it to people. When in reality not only was I broke, but I just never ended up using it again, which was a waste in money.

Although I do believe a luxury piece is worth it if you definitely use it more then once. Emma Wo, with her blog The Aloha Babe does a great post on it. But you really have to get down to the “WHY are you getting this?” of it all before purchasing.

My belief on fashion and style is really about transforming yourself from the inside and out. Learning to accept where you are now as you grow to a better Beautiful You. And what I’m learning now, is that I don’t need alot of things! Saving lots of money in the long run.

Now I won’t go all ham into a minimal lifestyle, but there are some things about it that definitely ring true for me. Mostly being that letting go of the things that don’t bring joy, really gets you appreciating and focusing more on things that do. In turn bringing more of them into your life.

So, from my wardrobe closet, I’ve compiled the outcome of a few essential wardrobe pieces to putting together a minimal everyday chic look!

Minimal Chic Essentials

1. Tight Blue Jeans

Tight blue jeans, whether skinny or flared is the basis in bottoms of a minimal chic look. This is mine, and I’m sure for many women out there, something that we would consider our go to. You can wear it almost anywhere with almost anything and it’ll be considered in. I usually pair it with my second minimal chic must have.

2. Solid-Color Top

I particularly gravitate towards black, because black does go with almost about anything. I say when looking for a solid-colored top go for one that has an edge to it that you can wear both at night and day time. It’s good to invest in a high quality solid-color top because you’ll be using it almost always and think chic!

In my particular wardrobe, this is a good example of an expensive top that has a major return on investment. I forgot how much it was exactly, but it is way more then $30, which for me is expensive for a top lol, yet it has outlasted all my cheap $2 tops in wash and quality. I honestly feel like it was more.  But I bought it two years ago, and I still use it all the time. I wore it in photoshoots, night-outs with the girls, date night, even to work and I still get compliments on it. After all this time and uses, I actually saved money.

What to Look for:

  • Quality Fabric to survive alot of washes
  • Simple Design for everyday wear
  • Unique Cut for that pop and chic look

Besides the next wardrobe piece to bring the chic look altogether, it’s the investment in a good solid-color top that makes it look effortless. If you want the “I woke up like this” look, I say go look for this.

3. Bomber or Motor Jacket

If you folks watch Vampire Diaries this is basically the inspiration for most of my chic looks. It’s simple, and classic. After I saw it, I knew it was gonna be something I was gonna go for. I just love bomber jackets! It has a modern finish that I like through the way its cut.

My last minimal chic essential is a solid-color bomber and/or motor jacket to tie the look together. These outer wears bring the dressiness to the wardrobe specifically for night. If the solid-colored top is not quite dressy, you can fling the jacket over.

In my wardrobe I use this all the time as the jacket pairs well with almost anything.


There is a saying that goes

A good fashionista has 15 different outfits. A great fashionista makes 15 different looks with 1 outfit.

Well I honestly have yet to master that it has a beautiful perception into what style actually is. People misinterpret fashionistas as having alot of different outfits. However, If people really look closely at what makes a person stylish. It’s not just their inner confidence, but also the creative ability to change up the things they already have into a different way. That ladies and gentlemen is Style.

I want people to see that styling is really about being resourceful with a few basic pieces. These wardrobe essentials are trendy, timeless, versatile and really comfortable. It’s the basic Go-To outfit. In fact, you may actually already have them in your closet now. If not, it is definitely an investment.

I hope a few of these tips help. Also, let me know what else you folks want to hear more of!

See you soon beautiful people!

With Love

If you folks haven’t caught my post about me decluttering my wardrobe check it out here. Also these aren’t the only basic minimal essentials, so I would love others to comment on what their basic essentials are as well in creating their chic look and expressing their personal style.






  1. Great post! I’ve been working at creating more of a minimal wardrobe myself. I just purged my closet last week and found things I’ve held onto since middle school – it’s terrible! Now I try to shop more intentionally and pick out more timeless pieces.

    1. Thank you! Yeah so far since purging my closet I am more mindful when it comes to shopping for clothes, and tidying my place has been easier and consistent since I don’t have too much to put away.So far it’s been a plus to my energy and finances.

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