Manaola To Debut Clothing Line At New York Fashion Week

Hello My Beautiful People!

There’s nothing that inspires me more than my friends chasing their dreams and crushing it. I am one of those people that when I see my friends killing it, it only drives me even more. I hope to be that one day for others.

A few months ago, one of my fashion posts involved designer Manaola, whose aesthetic designs were well received by locals. Making it one of the top hawaiian clothing brands here in the islands.

Believe it or not, Manaola founded his company only two years ago, which is a hell of an amazing leap. Because besides showing his collection in Honolulu Fashion Week back in 2016, he has also been invited to feature in New York Fashion Week this year. I know!

This is a big leap for Hawaii, as he will be the first native hawaiian to debut an exclusive clothing line, complete with hula and other traditional protocols.

A Chance To Inspire Fashion Mainstream

Keke Lindgard in Manaola during HFW 2016

One of the amazing things about this huge platform is its ability to reach a broad audience. This unique aesthetic could inspire another person around the world, to incorporate that style into their own. And thereby introduce a new type of fashion. You never know what may come of fashion now or in the future, and that is the beauty behind art. It transcends.

Much Love And Congrats

So major love and congrats to Mana’ola Yap and Zachary Pang (Head Designer and Partner behind the Manaola brand). I’m glad to have met you! For being my Pele Award dates. And for sharing our hawaiian culture to the world.

With Love,

Catch a livestream of the runway show on HawaiiNewsNow tomorrow Sept 8, 2017 on facebook.





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