How Tidying Can Help You Discover Your Style

This past weekend I finished the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

I am a spiritual, mindful-type person. So I am really connected with the truth that how we tidy our place and how it currently is, is a reflection into a deeper part of ourselves . Through using Marie Kondo’s tidying method dubbed the KonMari method,  it has made a profound effect on her client’s lives. Whether giving them the confidence to start a dream or improving their health. By tidying up our living spaces the KonMari way, we are making decisions during the process, that progress beyond just tidying our place. It’s Life-Changing! Hence, its straight-forward title.

Part of my platform, is transforming fashion and beauty from the inside out. I believe wholeheartedly that personal style starts on the inside. Expressing our authentic styles, is a path of self-discovery. Ever notice when people get surprise makeovers, it isn’t long before they’re back to their original selves they were before the makeover? This is because you’ll always reflect who you are on the inside and eventually it will shine through.

In Marie’s book, she refers to tidying-rebound. Where people that use other tidying methods, usually go back to a messy place in a few months time.  The KonMari Method solves this problem because it goes deeper, tackling the You behind Your Clutter. Change you, and the living space has a lasting change. Same thing with Personal Style, if you don’t tackle the insecurities behind your fashion and beauty goals, you’ll Style-Rebound. The goal is to change how you see yourself, so that the outer reflects that.

I knew after reading the book I was gonna do a step by step tidying of my apartment using the KonMari Method and share it with you folks so you can see it first-hand.  I’ll even do a follow-up post a few weeks from now so you folks can see how it works or even if it actually works when it comes to my life beyond the tidying.

The KonMari Method recommends tidying by categories in this specific order:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (Miscellaneous)
  5. Sentimental Items

For the interest of keeping this post fashion. I’m only showing the first category. But, i’ll be doing my whole room.

Personally, I hope that it’ll strengthen my risk- taking and innovation in fashion and makeup and trying new things.

To those looking to express their sense of style, or even finding their style. Maybe the answers to  self-discovery, can be found in the comfort of your home. You just have to look.

Let the transformation begin!

Does it Spark Joy?

To begin, I had to empty out the clothes from all areas of my closet onto the floor. Once all items were on the floor, I had to go through each item one by one, holding it firmly in my hand and ask myself “Does it Spark Joy?” To anything that didn’t spark joy were put into a discard pile. Those that I wanted to keep, were put into another pile.

The KonMari method is sorting by items that spark joy.

In the practice, asking “Does it Spark Joy?” is quite daunting. But looking at the items I put into the discard pile really made me wonder why I kept them in the first place. Most of the clothes in this pile, were nice yet most were expensive for my budget. Even more, I never used them out if at all. In fact, looking at my “keep” pile, most of the items that sparked joy for me came from discounted stores.

There is a lesson of gratitude I learned in that moment. When I had bought the items in my discard pile It was really out of a financial insecurity at the time. Why I had not worn them was because it’s purpose was to make me feel rich and to fulfill a void. Its purpose wasn’t to clothed me at all, but to give me a sense of security. And according to Marie, once an item has served it’s purpose, which it had done the moment I made the money exchange. You’ll never use it again (this is true!). So to thank it for what it’s done, and let it go .

Folding The KonMari Method

Once you’ve completed letting go of the items from the discard pile. The next step in KonMari is folding the items that spark joy. This part was quite helpful, as I was folding my clothes wrong this whole time! Prior to this, I worked in retail, so the way I folded the clothes, ended with it being stacked on top of each other. So whenever I was looking for something in particular to wear I would have to go through the whole stack, messing it up.

This is why I ended up just hanging all my clothes. But, according to Marie, at best, you want to fold your clothes instead of hanging them. It has to deal with the energy you transfer as you run your hands through them. Your clothes like being folded and you want to preserve the longevity of those items that bring you joy.  Fortunately there is a proper way to fold them and literally gets me baffled as to why I never thought about it before!

The KonMari method involves folding the clothes in a rectangular fashion and folding it so it is able to stand vertically on it’s own. The final product will end up looking like this.

Clothes folded The KonMari Method
Clothes folded The KonMari Method

You can see how much smarter it is to fold this way as I can grab directly the item I need without disturbing the other pieces.

You can catch an indepth link of how to fold from Marie Kondo herself, here.

This was by far the biggest help.


Ultimately, by the end of tidying my whole space, my room looked quite barren, but in a good way. It definitely looked alot more tidier and more homier. It also opened my eyes to having a minimal lifestyle.

When I look at the after compared to how it was before, it would seem like I was a hoarder. There were so many unnecessary items, that it was taking up unwanted space. If there was a takeaway from this, its to just declutter your space. I was planning to decorate my room, yet after decluttering it, its as if the original decor was brought back to life. Taking away was the solution for me, as opposed to adding.

Also, looking at the clothes I kept with things that sparked joy, helped me to analyze why these things sparked joy for me. All of the ones that did, embodied my fashion goals of becoming more riskier in my fashion choices, and connected me  to the type of women I hope to be. Sophisticated, Modern, and Chic.

Decluttering my closet based on Joy, brought clarity into who I was and brought a clearer vision of where I wanted to go in my fashion goals.

We’ll definitely see how things will show up down the line. But, for me right now it’s looking good.

With Love,

Decluttering is such a great takeaway in terms of not just clothes, but life too. Sometimes you have to let go of people and situations in your life that give “bad juju”. I would love to connect with people and their stories of  how letting go was the actual solution to their struggles as opposed to holding on. Let me know in the comments below.


Shop for the book by clicking on the image! I may get a commission
Shop for the book by clicking on the image! I may get a commission

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