I’ve been gone for a little bit and heres why!

Hello my wonderful gorgeous beautiful people and Happy September!

It’s literally been two weeks since I last posted a blog for you folks! I know I shouldn’t be making excuses. But this is a good one!

First of all I have to say, it feels really good to be talking to you folks through writing again.

I’ve been really investing in my YouTube channel and I am in the works of implementing a schedule to still continue blog posting on Mondays. But until then it will be coming in sporadic increments throughout the month.

Bear with me.

Vision For This Blog

The vision that I have for this blog is to focus solely on fashion. I really want it to be niche specified. As with my YouTube channel, where I really have it focused around Beauty and my makeup journey with hints of fashion. Here you’ll see the exact opposite. Fashion with hints of beauty posts.

My goal is to turn this into a fashion blog. I want to work on delivering better content and keep you folks entertained, as well as informed and connect with you folks too.

My YouTube Journey

So I do have a scheduled video post on my channel which is every Fridays at 12PM pacific. So being Friday today, one will be launching in the next two hours.

However if you happen to be here, right now, reading this, you get to see it first!

Much love to everyone who follows me! If you watch YouTube, please feel free to subscribe! Means alot!

For now, my beautiful friends. I will say I love you, I thank you, and I will see you folks on the next post. Bye!


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