How To Create A Vision Board When You Don’t Have A Vision Yet

For one having a career is important. Yet growing up, my wants were constantly changing. From when I was really small I had so many things that I wanted to be, a make-up artist to writer, to a fashion assistant, to a lawyer. I wanna break a little bit and say, I had a lot of favorite tv shows, most of these wannabe careers stemmed from them. In all the hollywood and fun-ness that we see on tv.

But of course once you become an adult, you understand the reality and commitment its gonna take to become them. A lot of investment in your time, your money, and your energy. You have to sit down and think about you’re future before you jump into it. Unfortunately I never had that sit down and kind of just went with life. So for me, halfway through my commitment through school I ended up leaving, to take the time to really assess what I wanted. Which would have saved me a lot had I did this earlier.

Now, I believe wholeheartedly in a vision board as it provides a blueprint for you to figuring out your future. To help you in the decision process of your life. So i knew I had to make one, to taking the best path for me that was fulfilling and strategic.

However, because I didn’t have a direction, and what I wanted wasn’t solidified, the original concept of the vision board didn’t really benefit me. Also it seemed more like a dream board which isn’t tangible.

So I decided to tweak the board to help me ultimately find that vision. To give me a blueprint of my next right move whenever I felt stuck, and to use it to ensure that I was growing and enjoying the present moment.

So, instead of me creating a board of what I wanted 1 to 5 to 10 years from now, I asked myself instead on how I can raise the bar in these areas of my life right now. And created a vision board from that.

What we do today will ultimately shape our future. So the best option when we don’t know what we want. Is to focus on the now, in these five areas.

Health: What can you do to Improve your health and becoming happier and more energized and effective.

Spirituality: What can you do to be more connected to your authentic self or higher power?

Ex: Gratitude painting writing.

Relationships: What can you do to spend more time with the ones you love? What can you do today to love yourself more? What can you do today to be kinder?

Career: When you don’t know where you want to go or want to be. Ask yourself instead how can you be of service today?

It is an amazing paradox that Ghandi quotes:
You find yourself, by losing yourself in the service of others.

Through Action, does our vision for our future become clear.

Boldness: Where you are in life right now is a direct reflection of how bold you’ve been up to this point. How boldly do you share yourself, your ideas, your needs and dreams with the world? How courageous have you been to fight after you’ve fallen down. Demand of yourself to be more bold and you’ll feel more confident and influential over time.

I hope this helped you out. Let me know in the comments below one way you can be a bit bolder?

Until then I’ll catch you later.

Bye guys

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