Get Shit Done! Techniques To Move Forward During Uninspired Times

Hello My Beautiful People!

This past week I was hanging out with my girlfriend who had said to me that I was really ambitious. Which is really a kind way of saying that I have too much on my plate, which is true. Navigating behind the scenes of a digital business can be overwhelming at times.

I have YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, This Blog. That it’s affecting the quality of content that I show you guys. I know that I can put out better quality than what you folks see. And part of the reason it’s not happening is because I have so much to juggle.

Also, the juggle and overwhelm was uninspiring and demotivating me to work at all that I was running on empty. Judging if I was gonna continue this. Then I remembered a truth from Chuck Close:

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.”

And it got me realizing that success has little to do with inspiration and all about just showing up and working.

Truth is, I’m invested in this for the long-term. So no matter how many times I feel like stopping, I’m sticking to a commitment.

So there are 3 options:

  1. Remove whats on my plate to make it less.
  2. Learn to time manage, schedule and focus on each section at its given time.
  3. Wait for inspiration to come, which could be forever.

Which as I’m writing this now, is helping to organize my own thoughts. So I decided to choose #2, and this may be good advice for anyone reading this. But I believe that when you’re stuck in uninspired times or overwhelming times. You have to stick to the work and schedule at hand to keep going.

So How Do You Approach It?

And here is how I plan to do it, we’ll see how it goes:

1. You Must Schedule it

Doing research on all my favorite successful youtubers and bloggers. I’ve learned that part of turning your goals and dreams into reality, is realistically planning it. And I don’t mean in your head, which is what I’ve been doing. I actually mean getting a good old calendar and journal, and writing it into your day.

There are 3 benefits that stand out to me when it comes to scheduling:

  1. It Tackles Procrastination. I believe that the secret to tackling procrastination is separating big tasks to smaller and smaller tasks to where you aren’t fearful of the work. A method known as kaizen. Scheduling allows you to break your tasks down to where you are comfortable to actually do them.
  2. Helps You To Know What Your Priorites Are. Keeping things in your head makes you forget it down the line. To have long term success, you have to put priority on what really matters first and eliminate the ones that don’t. This is extremely important as we only have a limited amount of brain energy and you want to use that for the creative planning.
  3. It Forces You To Do It. Kinda like a 9-5 schedule that your stuck to, seeing it reminds you of your responsibility to get it done.

Now, time management, I feel is a whole other post. But my most favorite is Brendon Burchard who has an excellent talk on scheduling your day.

2. Focus On One Task at A Time

So now that we got it scheduled. It’s time to tackle each section.

There is alot that goes behind the scenes from what you guys actually see. Planning, brainstorming ideas, scripting, producing, and editing all before it is released, yet I’ve been thinking of them up until the last day (hello procrastination). Which is why I’ve been so overwhelmed.

In order to give a great product, you have to give each task prior to that its individual focus. It is essentially a production line.

In an article entitled The Art Of Doing One Thing At A Time. It says that you are more productive when you are focusing on one task at a time, than when you are multi-tasking. And that you are most likely to do a mediocre job at everything when multitasking than when you are not.

Here are ways to stay focused:

  1. Pomodoro Technique: It takes 20 minutes for your brain to stay focused on a task before you actually lose focus. This technique has you work in time interval sprints of focus to get the single task done. It is very effective for anyone that has to deliver creative work.  I personally think this by far is the best. And will definitely be doing this. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now!
    If you want to learn my about pomodoro, I’ve linked a resource that you can check out here.
  2. Eliminate Social Media: It’s an interesting paradox as my goal is to be a social media influencer. But scrolling through feeds to pass the time take brain energy that can be used during focus time. To that I say, just have a set time for social media.

Lets See How It Goes!

I hope this may have helped you and hopefully helps me too. My Mission is to deliver quality content in a consistent amount of time. So it’s time to start getting a little more intentional.

Let me know in the comments below if you have your own suggestions! Other than that I am excited to try these out. But more importantly, to be able to give you the quality content that I know I can give you.

Until then my beautiful people,
Love yall!


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