The New Twist In Aloha Wear

If you ever get a chance to visit Hawaii and check Hawaii’s boutiques you’ll find nothing as rare as Manaola (ma-na-o-la). While floral prints are usually synonymous with Aloha wear. This amazing designer is adding a new perception to it, which is quickly taking Hawai’i by storm. The designs are extracted and pays homage to […]

10 Timeless Style Tips

Fashion is always changing. If you’re an avid Project Runway fan like myself the words: one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out ring true. What’s trendy today, can be tacky tomorrow. So how does one looking to stay in with the evolving fashions remain ahead of the game? Simple. Stick with styles that are timeless. […]

Minimal Wardrobe Basics

Hey Guys! I spent this whole week deciding on what to write about. I had broken my iphone, which is how I had been taking pictures of my outfits, even some of the pictures on this site in general. Side note for anyone thinking about starting a blog, I literally started from scratch, and am […]