A Little Bit Of Stitch Fix -Stitch Fix Review Tryons

Hey what’s up my beautiful people! First off Happy Autumn Equinox!

In this weeks post I wanted to share with you some outfits from Stitch Fix.

If you were able to catch my YouTube video I did a review of this online subscription. Here you will see the pieces that I have chosen, styled by me of course!

So I ended up buying all five pieces! The reason being is because it was a bigger savings for me to buy all five than to keep the three pieces that I actually wanted.

However here in this post you will see 3 pieces styled.

So without further ado, check out my styled pieces from Stitch Fix:

1. 41 Hawthorn V-Neck Blouse

I really love classic and elegant styles. That’s just part of my aesthetics, and my stylist did a great job at finding clothes that fit my style. I am in love with 41 Hawthorn.

2. Just Black Jeans

So I actually paired the jeans that I got, with the blouse from above. These jeans fit me like a friggin glove! It’s so rare for me to find jeans online. I usually have to go in person. It’s not only very comfortable, but is so flattering! These are jeans I am definitely buying more of because these are timeless pieces to a classic wardrobe.


3. Cristen Shirt Dress

I actually had to shoot this one in my mini studio. But wanted to show you guys! I really love this piece. Very much perfect for fall, especially in Hawaii. We don’t have seasons, so comfortability for when it does get hot is a must, and this is perfect for that.

Like I said in the video, it really reminds me of a Geisha Kimono with its beautiful design and color aesthetic. I decided to pair this with my Michael Kors crossbody.

I got lots of compliments on this outfit fyi!

There You Have It

Well here you go my beauties. A little bit of StitchFix! Now these are just my thoughts, but if you are someone looking to up their style but don’t know where to begin, definitely having a stylist, is a great start.

With Stitchfix, it’s a 20$ styling fee per month and can be applied towards your purchase of any of the outfits. Whether you buy or not, having a look at some of the pieces and the breakdown of where they got it from, can give you ideas that you can use to style yourself.

I’ve attached a referral link to Stitch fix here.

Keep in mind that I may get credit should you choose to sign up! If so, thank you much for your support.

I hope you enjoy this weeks post! Let me know in the comments below if you used Stitch Fix and what your thoughts are about it. Until then I’ll see you guys next time.

With love my beauties,

A new video about this will be launching in just a few hours. Be sure to check it out :). 

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