6 Summer Fashion and Beauty Essentials for 2017

The Summer Solstice has just initiated, which means that it is officially summer!

I wasted no time hitting the beach this whole week as the weather was on point. Not to hot, not too cold with the sun shining all day. Lots of women love the bronze sun-kissed look, which I didn’t catch on to till I noticed that my friend looked hella good. Yes I was living under a rock! It had such a Beyonce Halo vibe to it.

I’ll definitely bring out some amazing summer tutorials to really take advantage of this season!

With the sun shining in, everyone will be hitting those waves. So to keep yourself skin-safe and stylish below are 6 summer fashions and beauty essentials for 2017.

6 Summer Fashions and Beauty Essentials for 2017

1. Beach Party Maxi Dress

Picture sipping on a Mai-Tai in the evening at Dukes Waikiki. All eyes on you as you walk down the torch lit aisle to your seat and hear the beautiful melodies of Hawaiian music. If you don’t ever get a chance to make it to Hawaii, this beach maxi dress will definitely bring the Hawaii inspiration to you.

Check out my wonder woman post for another maxi dress inspiration.

2. Beach Hat

Many fashion bloggers are using beach hats with clever captions! Turn up the summer diva in you for summer 2017 with clever beach hat captions! However if clever captions aren’t your thing, I definitely do recommend adding a beach hat to your repetoire to better shield yourself from the sun.


3. Shades

Lenses that have that holographic look to it, exactly like the one above, is so modern and chic. Definitely make sure you get a polarized pair to block out the uv rays and keep your eyes protected. These are a little pricey, but I say better polarized because that’s what shades should be used for!

There was a cool pop up kiosk at the shopping mall where you could customize your shades, which is what I ended up doing. You can change the frames, change the lenses, change the bands with different colors to find a personal style fit to you. Get creative!

I’ve linked an online store you can check out here.

4. Sunscreen with bronzer

Get that summer glow whilst protecting your skin. What my friend did was combine a 100 spf sunscreen with a tanning spray. We need both protection and summer glow hunty! So keeping true to it,  these are the products we used. Now we are both dark asian women, so it may vary from person to person.

5. Beach Tote

Funny story, my girlfriend has been rocking a reusable tote for a long time and she finally changed it up, after I threw it away and gave her a new one. Captions are so on point,  rock your items with a beautiful tote.

6. Hair Care

Alterna Bamboo Beach Ocean Waves

We are caring so much for our skin, that we forget that even our hair needs some TLC. Sun, salt, and chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle.  Besides lowering the heat on your hot tools, get a spray that locks in moisture and protects hair from color fading.

Pureology Essential Oils

BONUS: Throughout the year, keep your hair healthy by continuously moisturizing it with essential oils.

What Are Your Summer Essentials?

There are obviously way more summer essentials and must-haves. These are just a few for you. Let me know what yours are in the comments below! Till then, be beautiful and elevate yourself.


I hope you folks have a fun and very safe summer. The images above are clickable and are affiliated through amazon. Clicking and purchasing may earn me a commission. 

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