10 Timeless Style Tips

Fashion is always changing. If you’re an avid Project Runway fan like myself the words:

one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out

ring true. What’s trendy today, can be tacky tomorrow. So how does one looking to stay in with the evolving fashions remain ahead of the game? Simple. Stick with styles that are timeless. Below are a list of 10 Timeless Style tips that I’ve stuck to that are simple enough for every woman to incorporate.

10 Timeless Style Tips

1. Show Skin Strategically

The beauty in sexy is in the air of mystery. So you don’t wanna give too much. Show off the body part that you know you look good in. My personal favorite is off the shoulder pieces, but it may be different for you.  If you have beautiful legs show it off with hot pants and a covered top or if you wanna do backless, try a full covered front and long skirt.

2.Think in Multiples

Find a good fit on a dress or pants that you’ll wear often? Buy it in pairs. If it looks good on you and you know you’ll use it over and over, you may not find that style dress again, so buy a double while you can. I always have trouble finding quality black skinny jeans, but when I do, I’m always sure to buy doubles.

3. Consider The Wear and Care

If you were able to catch my last post Minimal Wardrobe Basics, I made a pitch about investing in a quality black top. The reason for this being that I’d spent more money in the long term on $2 camisoles than on one expensive top. Reason being, it survives the washes! You really do get what you pay for at times, so take this into consideration when shopping for clothes.

4. Embrace Your Shape

We all know this, but for those that don’t. A maxi dress that looks good on a tall and skinny woman, may not work for you if you’re short and petite. Consider what your shape is, and invest in clothes catered to that. In this day and age, there’s many brands and blogs that help you style for your own specific shape. When I first started blogging I looked at every fashion blog from menswear to petite and plus size. Not only do these bloggers have some serious style, but they send a message, that you can look good no matter what shape you are.

Take a few tips from my favorite fashion bloggers:

Wendy’s Lookbook– Petite

5. Be Open Minded!

You know how I said embrace your shape? In the fitting room this is an exception. The fitting room is the best time to try things out that you would not normally wear. That cute top but isn’t you, may actually well just be you! You’ll have a better judgement once you put it on. But you will never know, until you try.

6. Check Yourself In The Rear View

Dont forget the back when in the fitting room even before you leave your house. You have to like what you see in all angles!

7. Stick To The Hairstyle That Matches Your Face Shape

Although I love having really long hair, it doesn’t exactly suit my long face shape. I opt for more shoulder length layered cuts. You’ll always be in style if you have the right haircut. I’ve attached an article so you can find the right hairstyle to match your face shape.

8. Edit Your Closet

Once a year purge your closet of items that don’t spark joy. You should be able to find your outfits easily and not be rummaging through the closet. Having a minimal wardrobe collection brings clarity to finding pieces that actually flatter you when you shop. Saving you money and energy.

9. Make friends with a Good Tailor

Nothing says classic like a well tailored outfit. It ups the look on cheap to moderately priced attire. Build a relationship with a tailor that knows your size and shape. You’ll be happy you did.

10. The Power of an Accentuated Piece

Wearing all black? or dressing up something conservative? Two things you can do. Add a statement piece like a necklace or earring or two, my personal favorite, rock a bold lip color. Though you can combine them too, one choice is really all you need. When in doubt in choosing the lip color, I say go red!

I hope some of these timeless style tips help you out! Always remember that classic styles is about you wearing the outfit. Never let it wear you.


Have you got other timeless style tips? Let me know in the comments below! It may help someone that’s looking for a little fashion boost. Till then I’ll catch you folks on my next post! Now every Mondays!

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